Combating Fungal Infection with Life Naturals’ new supplement: Pure Nails Pro Review


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Fungal infection is nothing to worry about; this is something that many people have in mind. Aside from the ugly yellowish and smelly nails, it is often not being taken seriously. However, the fact is, these symptoms that may seem so common are already indication of something more dangerous that can even cost you your life.

Fungus is often contracted from the moist surfaces that you touch that are already infested by this organism. It is also airborne so you could get it if a fungus infected person sneezes or coughs around you. The popularity of Pure Nails Pro has increased steadfastly since thousands of users have claimed to find relief from their fungal infection with its use.

An Overview of Pure Nails Pro

Pure Nails Pro got its name as it was originally designed to treat a life threatening fungal infection, which symptom only started with a yellow streak on the toenail. This product purified the nail from fungal infection and so as the entire system of the affected individual. This supplement is convenient to use as it comes in a form of a pill.

Each pill contains potent ingredients that have been proven effective in fighting fungal infection and preventing the body from being affected by it again. It does this by producing good bacteria that helps fight fungus and other agents or organisms that may pose risk to the system that include virus and bad bacteria. It only uses natural components that are generally safe for ingestion.

Who’s Life Naturals?

This anti-fungal supplement is manufactured by Life Naturals. We have checked the official site of the product and made a search on the web, but we didn’t find much information about the manufacturer, except that they are based in the United States.  Their site also mentions that their facility is GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices compliant.

However, the story behind the invention of Pure Nails Pro was shared in a video. According to it, Paul Miller was the person who invented this treatment, which he did to cure the fungal infection of his wife that already poisoned her blood. He made a thorough research and had a lot of trial and errors before coming up with a pill that is effective in fighting fungus and quick in clearing the infection.

Pros of Pure Nails Pros

Pure Nails has been getting great feedback from users because of the various benefits that they enjoy from its use. Check out the good things to look forward to from this product:

  • Many users can attest of its efficiency when it comes to treating their fungal infection.
  • Its effect is usually fast. Some users have seen great improvement on their condition within the first few days of using the product.
  • It uses natural ingredients that are free from toxins, which also eliminates harmful side effects.
  • The root cause of the infection is treated, preventing the same symptoms from showing up again after some time.
  • Continuous use will strengthen the immune system allowing your body to effectively shield itself from the attack of fungus, bacteria, virus, and other health risks.
  • It offers money-back guarantee
  • Customer support is conveniently available by phone and email
  • Easier on the pocket than mainstream medications

Pure Nails Pro Cons

The only drawback that we see from using Pure Nails Pro is that the effect may vary from one user to another. While many users reportedly noticed improvement in their condition in as early as three days of its use, it may be different for others. This is however normal as every person responds differently to various treatments, not just this one.

What are the Ingredients?

Paul Miller determined that the only way to fight fungus is to help the system create more antibodies that will allow it to fight the infection on its own. One of the main ingredients that he used was Hay Bacillus, which has been utilized by a Western Congo Basin tribe for years to free themselves from infection and sickness in general. He searched for other strong probiotics that also do this job and ended up using the following:

  • Lactobacilli Cassei – kills bad bacteria and improves immune system.
  • Lactobacilli Rhamnosus – it stops bacteria from spreading and strengthens the system too.
  • B. Longum – creates antibodies and enhances overall health.
  • Curcuma Longa – known for its anti-fungal properties.
  • Lactobacilli Planrarum – effective in fighting viral and bacterial infection.
  • L. Acidophilus – also fights infection and targets bad bacteria.
  • B. Breve – improves immune system and enhances digestion.


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Common Questions about the Product

What are the contact details of their customer support?

If you have questions or concerns, you may call their customer service number at 844-824-3628. Another option is to contact them using this email address: [email protected] They also have an online form that you could fill up by going to this site:

How much do I have to pay for it?

One bottle of Pure Nails Pro costs $69 and it contains 30 capsules that will last for a month. They also offer a package of three or six bottles that come in discounted prices. The price for three bottles is $177 ($59 each), while the price for six bottles is $294 ($49 each).

How long before I could see changes?

The effect of this supplement varies from one user to another. However, most users testify that they see huge improvement on their condition on the first few days or first week of their use.

Where can I order Pure Nails Pro?

Pure Nails Pro is only available on their official website, which is Click “Add to Cart” under the option that you wish to order, enter your payment details, and hit “order now”.

How do I use it?

It is recommended that you take one capsule of Pure Nails Pro a day in order to treat your nail fungal infection. Continue using it for the next six months if you wish to prevent future infection and to help strengthen your immune system.

Pure Nails Pro Verdict

Pure Nails Pro is highly recommended because it has helped many users suffering from fungal infection to be free from this condition. It’s also generally safe and it comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, it clears the entire body from infection and prevents it from coming back, which is something that several popular treatments fail to do.

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